Roadmap to Hiring Success for Funded Scale-up Tech Companies

Roadmap to Hiring Success for Funded Scale-up Tech Companies

As a scale-up tech firm that just gained funding, you are probably looking to rapidly expand. Building the right team can be difficult, but developing a thorough plan and taking a strategic approach will help you get top talent that will propel your business.


This blog is here to equip funded scale-up tech companies with the vital information they need for successful hiring. Our statistics and knowledge should help you chart your course in this domain, while our salary guide will help you create a budget and benchmark accordingly



Step 1: Define your hiring needs and timeline

Start by assessing your company's current and future needs. Determine the key roles you need to fill and prioritise them based on your business goals and growth plans. According to LinkedIn's Talent Trends 2021 report, 77% of talent professionals said they expect their organisation's focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion to increase over the next five years [1].


Step 2: Develop an attractive Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

An EVP is essential for attracting top talent. According to Gartner, organisations with a strong EVP can reduce turnover by 69% and increase new hire commitment by 29% [2]. Craft an EVP that highlights your company's culture, benefits, growth opportunities, and commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Step 3: Leverage your network and partner with a talent solutions partner

Your network and connections can be a valuable source of potential candidates. Reach out to your existing contacts and ask for referrals. Partnering with a talent solutions partner like djr Talent Solutions can give you access to a larger pool of candidates and industry expertise, increasing your chances of finding the right talent for your scale-up.


Step 4: Optimise your interview and selection process

Streamline your interview process to ensure it is efficient and focused on finding the best fit for your company. According to a Glassdoor study, 67% of job seekers consider diversity an important factor when evaluating job offers [3]. Incorporate diverse interview panels and use structured interviews to minimise unconscious bias and improve the candidate experience.


Step 5: Offer competitive compensation and benefits packages

To attract and retain top talent, ensure your compensation and benefits packages are competitive within the industry. Download our salary guide here to benchmark your budgets and gain insights into industry trends.



Hiring success is crucial for funded scale-up tech companies looking to grow and achieve their ambitious goals. By following this roadmap and partnering with a talent solutions partner like djr Talent Solutions, you can build a high-performing team to drive your business forward.


Ready to start hiring? Download our salary guide to help you benchmark your budgets and make informed decisions -