Hiring tips in Tech for the eCommerce market

Hiring tips in Tech for the eCommerce market


Right now, in many areas of the tech world, including ecommerce, we are currently experiencing a candidate led market, in which the volume of vacant positions is greatly outnumbering the number of candidates available to fill them. For businesses, this means that the onus is now on them to make their proposition sufficiently appealing to entice the talent they need to join their organisations. Happily, there are some useful hiring tips that can make the ecommerce recruitment process less painful to navigate.


The Effect Of The Pandemic

Part of the reason for this shift in perspective has its roots in the recent Covid pandemic. During this period, many tech professionals re-examined their work life, and, as a result, there is now a greater emphasis placed on jobs which can offer flexible and hybrid working patterns as well as those opportunities that can offer a better-quality experience, be that through career progression and training opportunities, or a corporate ethos that is more closely aligned with their personal values.

All of this means that eCommerce businesses hoping to bring in new talent will need to develop the right recruitment strategy if they hope to succeed.


Look At Your Business

A good place to start is by examining your business, and considering its needs. This will help you to build a clear picture of the kind of candidate that will best match your requirements. This typically includes factors such as technical capabilities, as well as softer skills and interpersonal qualities. Whilst your new hire may not need to perfectly match all of your criteria, it's important to choose someone who will contribute positively to your corporate culture. This will ensure that your new employee will fit in well with your existing teams and contribute to your company's work towards key objectives.

And, speaking of corporate culture, make sure that your brand is sending out the message that you are a great place to work. It may be that if you are experiencing issues such as a high rate of staff turnover, you need to focus on developing a more positive working environment. Realign your brand's values with the operational conduct of your business and look to foster tangible reasons why the best talent would want to join your organisation.


Get The Advertising Right

Once you have a good idea as to the candidates likely to constitute a good fit for your business, think about how your current hiring process measures up. Make sure your salary and benefits are competitive and ensure that you can provide the career opportunities and training that will entice the most motivated and talented individuals. When it comes to advertising a new position, check that your job description really conveys that you have an exciting, challenging opportunity to offer. It is also valuable if you can include a sense as to how the successful applicant will be contributing to the overall aims and development of your business. Doing so will serve to reassure candidates that their contribution will be recognised and valued, which is a powerful motivator.


Partner With The Specialists

Ecommerce recruitment is a challenging field, so why not increase your organisation's chances of securing the right tech talent by partnering with DJR. We understand the demands of your industry, and are experts in matching the ideal candidates to the right vacancies, helping our clients to achieve their business development goals.


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