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Data Developer (6 month FTC) 2023-08-25 Data Alchemist Wanted: Transforming Information into Impactful Insights! YOU WILL NEED TO BE BASED NEAR CHELMSFORD, ESSEX TO WORK HERE SO PLEASE DON’T APPLY IF YOU AREN'T Daniel James Resourcing 2023-09-25

Data Developer (6 month FTC).

Chelmsford / permanent /£55,000 - 60,000 Per annum

Joe Wastie
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55000 YEAR

£55,000 - 60,000 Per annum




Data Developer 6-Month Fixed Term



Join an acclaimed company at the forefront of innovation in an engaging role as a Data Developer. Be a pivotal force within their Data & Analytics team, nestled in the vibrant heart of Chelmsford.

As a Data Developer extraordinaire, you'll wield your expertise to fortify any data-driven decision-making processes across the organizational spectrum. From Team Leaders to Senior Executives, your contributions will resonate and guide their every move.

Under the nurturing wings of the Data & Analytics Lead, you'll find your home base near Chelmsford. Expect to sprinkle a dash of your brilliance in-office up to 3 days a week as and when needed, but fret not, flexible and hybrid work arrangements are ready to accommodate your unique rhythm.

This role will pay anything up to £60,000 per annum - pro rata and will have some very real options for extension beyond the 6 months.


This role is a whirlwind of diversity. Imagine sculpting trend analyses from historical data, conjuring forecasts for claims expenditure, and constructing a symphony of reports that unearth inefficiencies across the domain.

Your Symphony of Responsibilities:

  • Crafting ETL pipelines with the finesse of an artist using SSIS.
  • Masterfully weaving data from SQL sources and beyond into captivating Power BI visuals.
  • Dancing with Visual Studio and dtsx packages.
  • Scheduling SQL server magic to automate processes.
  • Building, nurturing, and maintaining Power BI datasets like a virtuoso.
  • Carving a masterpiece Data Warehouse within SQL.
  • Conjuring captivating dashboards and reports using the magic of Power BI.
  • Breathing life into our MI Process through meticulous data review and cleansing.
  • Channelling your inner Sherlock to solve puzzles and enhance processes.
  • Mastering the delicate art of prioritizing reports to satisfy both internal and external needs.
  • Marching bravely into projects that whisper of business improvements.


In Your Backpack of Skills:

  • A treasure trove of expertise in MS SQL and Power BI, or their equally dazzling counterparts.
  • A high-tech compass that navigates the landscape of Microsoft Excel & Power Pivot.
  • The uncanny ability to decipher data patterns and turn them into enlightening tales.
  • A history of tangoing with various analytical tools and methodologies.
  • Battle scars from victorious data projects.
  • A degree to your name, a testament to your hunger for knowledge.

 Optional Costume Accessories:

  • A sprinkle of insight into the insurance industry's secret spells.
  • Credentials that boast of Microsoft SQL and Power BI wisdom.
  • A flair for weaving APIs into your tapestry of skills.

Must-Haves in Your Arsenal:

  • A heart that beats proactively, a logical mind, and the organizational skills of a data wizard.
  • A superhero cape woven with analytical prowess and problem-solving magic.
  • The finesse to tame and tame vast herds of data sets.
  • A quill dripping with eloquence for sharing complex data tales with non-tech enthusiasts.
  • A pocket watch's precision when it comes to numbers and details.
  • A vault of respect for sensitive and confidential data, guarded with utmost care.
  • A symphony of professionalism and discretion, worthy of a standing ovation.
  • A bottomless well of can-do spirit, attention to detail, and a nose for anomalies.


Take your seat at our enchanting data table, where your melody of skills will resonate far and wide. Join our pursuit of excellence as we chart new territories and conquer data-driven frontiers. The stage is set for your grand entrance - make it a masterpiece!