The Pros And Cons Of Hiring An Independent Contractor

The Pros And Cons Of Hiring An Independent Contractor

Hiring the right talent for your tech vacancies is never easy, and right now, as we experience a candidate-driven job market, it can seem as though it's more challenging than ever to fill key vacancies with your ideal candidates. Fortunately, today's recruiters have a variety of approaches to choose from. Whether you opt to go down the traditional job advert route, search your in-house talent for the right candidate, or opt for a temporary freelance worker, it is absolutely possible to access the professionals you need to achieve your business goals.



Why Choose Contract Hires?

The growing popularity of contractors is not simply down to the ease with which such candidates can be secured. In fact, opting for freelance tech talent can offer a variety of highly attractive benefits for your company. Firstly, choosing to hire a contractor can save you considerable sums in comparison to the total cost of a permanent employee's salary and benefits package.


Secondly, in choosing to bring in a freelancer, you can give your business access to a professional with highly specialised skills and experience, which can greatly improve the chances of delivering a successful project. Simply put, hiring contractors is a flexible and agile way to get the best value for your business as it undertakes key periods of transformation or other important work.



Accessing The Right Talent

Of course, knowing where to find the right freelancers is essential if you hope to enjoy the best results. This is where a specialised digital recruitment agency can make a major difference. These experts will be able to work with you to establish exactly what your organisation needs from its contract hires. This will typically begin with an evaluation of your needs, including a look at your proposed timeline and budget.


Knowing whether you need to plug a temporary skills gap for a particular project or phase, or if you are likely to need ongoing freelance assistance for an unspecified period will help your talent partner to identify the right talent for your placement. For example, contractors can work as ad-hoc consultants, or leaders of a project team that will exist for a finite period. You could even bring in an entire dedicated team of temporary project workers.


The right talent partner will take the time to understand your business' unique needs, and will create the innovate staffing models needed to return the best value for your investment. At Djr, we specialise in precisely this kind of agile talent provision, putting the finest candidates into your key roles quickly.


As tech recruitment experts, we match our clients with the right freelancers for their needs, whilst also taking care of the essentials such as paperwork, background checks, and candidate remuneration. This means that you are free to focus on growing your business.


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