How to attract e-commerce talent into a non-e-commerce business

How to attract e-commerce talent into a non-e-commerce business

The rise of ecommerce as a pillar of retail trading has been inevitable for a long time, its growth having been steady for many years. The effect of the coronavirus pandemic was as dramatic as its emergence was unexpected. Suddenly, whole populations were in lockdown and all but essential shops were closed. What had been developing as a convenient alternative became the only option almost overnight.


Today, ecommerce is worth trillions of dollars and will soon account for a quarter of all retail sales. Not only has it encouraged phenomenal behavioural change amongst consumers, but it has created what is a virtually a new business discipline, with skills and jobs that either didn't exist ten years ago or have become unrecognisable from what we might call their analogue precursors.


Ecommerce businesses have presided over the evolution of specialist talent that can be leveraged by businesses across a much broader environment. UX website expertise, data analytics, content creation, email and social media marketing: these are all fundamental to any digital enterprise but their application is universal.


Every business needs to embrace digital transformation, the process of adapting current practices, however effective, to the new demands and possibilities of digital technology in order to drive efficiencies and keep pace with changing markets. Any notion of a divide between businesses whose primary presence is online and those whose bricks and mortar identity still dominates is largely artificial. Therefore employers must recognise that digital commerce has changed the game for every kind of enterprise.


We've mentioned some of the most important types of specialist talent that are now crucial in every sector. These represent the new pathways that lead from product or service development to growth.


The discipline of marketing has been transformed by digital resources so that it can largely by-pass traditional forms of advertising and customer communication. Email marketing, digital PR and social media campaigns are not chosen because they are cheaper than conventional methods but because they are much more effective in reaching an increasingly fragmented audience whose attention is being courted from innumerable directions. The ability to connect with segmented markets through personalisation and social media is new and powerful.


Brand presentation, too, depends far more on refining the user experience of commercial websites and the creation of authentic, authoritative, unique content that adds value for visitors and establishes the credibility of a brand.


Monitoring sales performance and campaign success is conducted differently too, with data analytics enabling businesses to know more about their customers' behaviour and preferences than ever before.


Every one of these skills and many others besides have been transformed by the imperative to adapt to technological change. They are essential in every business context. The challenge for businesses whose model is not that of ecommerce is to attract the same kind of talent.


How can employers attract the high-end talent they need? First, you should identify the most valuable transferable skills. This means examining existing business practices to see where they are under-performing. If there are questions about design, production, sales and marketing then digitally experienced professionals are the answer.


The way to attract them is by being receptive to the positives of transformation, showing a commitment to innovation. The company culture should reflect a forward-looking attitude, with flexibility, inclusion and diversity. The enterprise should be welcoming to people who are used to being pioneers, disruptive thinkers and agents of change. In return, employers will have the benefits of new skills and fresh insights.


If your business is contemplating expansion into ecommerce, then this strategy is virtually essential. It will also be an extremely attractive proposition for experienced digital professionals who will see a golden opportunity to be a driving force in a new enterprise.


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