How Contracting Can Give You All The Flex You Need

How Contracting Can Give You All The Flex You Need

There are certainly more than a few pre-conceptions when it comes to contracting in the tech space. From the fear that job stability will become a thing of the past, to concerns about managing their pay and accounting for their own registered business, through to the question as to how they might find the right job opportunities. Too many talented people are put off from exploring a career in contracting before they even give it a try.

Yet the truth is that becoming a tech contractor is a great deal easier than you might think, and, furthermore, it offers benefits which can supercharge your career for the long term.


The Benefits Of Contracting

In fact, by becoming a contractor or freelancer in today's market, you can enjoy unrivalled opportunities to develop your career. After all, a wide variety of organisations are currently desperate for the right tech talent to help them to achieve their goals, and they often prefer to employ a fixed-term contractor to help with a particular project. This, in turn, gives the contractor a chance to enjoy greater flexibility in their work: picking the projects and organisations which appeal to them, and that match their career aspirations.


With a contract typically lasting from a few months to a year, as a contractor, you can choose your work to fit around other commitments, such as further training and education, and take your holidays at a time that best suits you. Furthermore, many contractors take a "try before you buy" approach and decide to stay on to take on more work for the organisation after the initial contract period ends.


In addition to greater flexibility in working patterns, as a contractor, you can also rapidly expand your skill set in an impressively short space of time. After all, unlike a permanent position, where you could well be using the same set of capabilities day in, day out for a number of years, by taking on new projects with a view to targeting different experience, you can quickly become highly skilled in many more areas. This, of course, will make for a very impressive CV, as well as broadening the kind of roles that might be available to you in the future.


And the people you meet whilst freelancing can also prove highly beneficial to your career. Working and engaging with different colleagues and clients will see your professional network scale up rapidly, which, again, will give you plenty of advantages when it comes to being in the loop for the best job opportunities.



Partner With The Experts

If this sounds like the kind of career you'd enjoy, then it makes sense to get started as soon as possible. Here at djr, we have all of the industry connections and experience to nurture exciting, highly rewarding tech careers for talented contractors. We take the time to carefully match our candidates to their ideal opportunities at the right organisations, helping both parties to succeed and achieve their objectives.


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