Discover The Fast Impact Of Contract Talent

Discover The Fast Impact Of Contract Talent

When you finally succeed in securing that vital new tech hire, it's easy to feel as though you're at the end of the journey. Yet the onboarding process for a new employee should never be underestimated: it can take quite a toll on your organisation's resources to get the incomer set up at your workplace and brought up to speed. Not to mention the time spent waiting for a new recruit to serve out a period of notice with their previous employer. And, whilst "time to hire" is rightly seen as a key metric for the recruitment process, the time taken to get a new employee up and running in their role should also be taken into account.



A Solution To The Problem

Of course, if your business needs to fill a pivotal tech vacancy, you may well feel that there is little choice but to navigate the traditional recruitment and onboarding process. Happily, as more and more organisations are discovering, there is another, more efficient route to accessing the tech talent needed to carry out an important project or phase.


Opting for a tech freelancer is the ideal way to have a highly capable professional in-role fast, maximising productivity and allowing your business to meet its objectives. The right contract hire can be the perfect solution, either to take your organisation through a temporary skills gap, or to act as an interim "stop-gap" solution that can eliminate disruption whilst a new permanent employee is found and onboarded successfully. The result is an optimisation of your critical resources, including time and money.


Bringing in a contract hire will eliminate the risk of rushing to recruit someone for a critical tech vacancy, which can, of course, lead to the risk of making a poor hiring decision. Instead, with a contractor taking care of the work in the meantime, you can focus on finding exactly the right candidate to bring on board as a permanent employee, rather than settling for someone who only fulfils some of your criteria. After all, the cost of a bad hire is well known, not merely in terms of money and time, but also in the negative impact that this situation can have on your existing team and corporate culture.



Access The Ideal Contractors

Finding the right new hires for your business is easier than you may think. When you partner with an expert talent partner, your organisation can enjoy all of the benefits of being able to rapidly connect with highly qualified tech professionals, ready and able to slot into your key vacancies.


Whether you need someone for a fixed term, temporary tech project, or to take control whilst you look for a permanent hire, at djr, we have the talent you need to succeed. Why not get in touch today, on 0203 070 9019, at djr, The Smith, 145 London Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 6SR, or at, to learn more about how our specialism in contract talent can help your business.